Monday, March 23, 2009

A week's a long time for a Brassica seedling

Collards and dwarf Siberian kale seedlings, 7 days after sowing
A visit to Kilbourn Greenhouse to water our seed trays on Saturday 3/21 showed that many of the greens have already sprouted, just seven days after sowing. Almost every collard seed has become a sprout, along with most of the dwarf Siberian kale (but none of the red Russian kale), and a smattering of Winningstadt cabbage and rhubarb Swiss chard (but none of the rainbow chard).

Herb seedlings (not ours) under grow lights
Kirsten now has three huge arrays of grow lights in place, suspended from pulleys and hooked up to AC. Underneath, a massed phalanx of herb seedlings are reaching for their ersatz sun.