Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ginkgo wins Chicago gardening award!

On November 14, 2009, which turned out to be a sunny and beautiful autumn day, five volunteers from Ginkgo Organic Gardens attended the awards ceremony for Mayor Daley’s 2009 Landscape Awards. Ginkgo won first place in the vegetable garden category.

Each of the main awards was presented as a sturdy plaque, with details of the award and a photo of the garden in question. Someone at the city's Department of the Environment folks made a good choice in selecting this image for our award. It sums up what Ginkgo is about.

It was great to see so many gardeners from so many different parts of the city and organizations. All sorts of gardens were recognized: from container gardens to school gardens to green roofs and walls to high-rise residential buildings and parking structures and to gardens using only native plants.

Mayor's Award winners

We had a good time talking with William Greer and his wife (whose garden won second place in the vegetable garden category) about their garden and comparing notes about how good the season had been for collards, and strategies for keeping rabbits and squirrels away from our veggies. Check out Mr. Greer's fabulous garden on YouTube.

We also got to eat some rather nice cupcakes.

The ceremony was held at Garfield Park Conservatory, which we happily spent some time exploring after the ceremony. In particular, we were looking for a flower on the vanilla plant, a type of orchid. After much searching we eventually found it dangling from one of the pillars supporting the roof.