Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tomato planting at the greenhouse

Dave Sny and Megan and Michael biked and bused it over to the greenhouse to make sure the tomatoes got planted. Somehow, the rest of us wimped out. Thanks for picking up the slack, y'all.

They planted a bumper crop of heirloom tomatoes (which means we'll be able to save seeds from this year's crop to plant next year).

To check out what these gorgeous tomatoes look like, see our earlier post.
  • Oxheart
  • Japanese black truffle
  • Orange banana
  • Brandywine
  • Fireworks
  • Oregon star
  • Koralik
  • Amish paste
  • Fruity cherry
  • Rutger
  • Dad's sunset
  • Fox cherry
  • Cherokee purple
  • Pearly pink cherry
  • Purple calabash (a garden favorite)