Sunday, June 17, 2012

Radish Love

Our plan to flood the beds with radishes early in the season has payed off in large form!  On Saturday June 9th we pulled in twenty-five pounds of radishes and radish greens!  We still have not exhausted the radishes that were planted at the beginning of the year and as we pull radishes we have begun to replace them with other crops.  This was a great plan to come out swinging in the early season with plenty to offer to our friends at Vital Bridges Groceryland.
Pictured here: A French Breakfast Radish "frenches" Dave

We carefully wash radishes that have been kissed
So many radishes had we that we decided it was just too many to unload on Vital Bridges all at once.  According to Super-volunteer Susan, "About 2/5ths went to Vital Bridges 3/10ths went to volunteers and 12/40ths went to some new recipients."  The new recipients include Lakeview Food Pantry and Red Door Animal Shelter got the greens.  The greens, can be too much for our compost in large numbers because they need to be balanced with other type of matter and litter, and we assume that many of the donated greens end up in the garbage, so it's great news to us that we can be offering our awesome organic leaves to hungry bunnies!
Volunteer Annie posing before Ginkgo's bounty at Vital Bridges.