Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boys to the Right.

The heat finally broke and it is good.  Somehow it seems like a turning point in the season.  It feels like the second half of the season is about to begin, as if the All-Star break is over and we will be getting some of our old players off the DL.  There are plenty of crops that are done for the season.  Benched until next year, but then again we have things to look forward to.

Soon we will have enough pole beans to start donating and these cabbages are looking good. We were surprised to find a couple of delicious large cucumbers growing. Last weekend we were looking at all sorts of crops that are almost there.  The words, "one more week" were in the air.  One more week and those gooseberries'll be ready.

And a side note: Has anyone noticed a strong trend of the male volunteers standing in a bunch in the back right corner of our group photos.  Myself included-- Just an interesting trend.