Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 20, 2013 - installing a new fence

A light snow covered the ground in the garden on the morning of April 20. The presence of bluebells was one of the few signs that it was spring. Though cold, it was clear, dry, and sunny. It was a good day for an infrastructure project.

A two-man crew from Advanced Fence and Gate arrived at the garden a little after 9:00 AM and started dismantling the decrepit cedar fence that ran along the southern side of the garden property. Reciprocating saws and electric drills made short work of the demolition.
sawing through the wood fence

John and I took wooden fence panels as they came down and stacked them in the garden. John has plans for new compost bins that will make use of wood that we salvage from the fence.
John takes away a fence panel

salvaging 2X4s from a fence panel

removing the last wooden pole

the new metal fence

the view of the new fence from the alley

wood panels ready for salvage

After removing the fence panels and cutting out the support poles, the crew installed a 6 foot galvanized steel chain-link fence. Installation of the new fence took less time than did the removal of the wooden fence--probably because John and I weren't in the way.

There's still the matter of the leaning gate and the washout at the eastern end of the garden. That will be our next large project.