Saturday, May 9, 2015

25 April 2015: Volunteer Appreciation Month

As I have heard, April is considered Volunteer Appreciation Month. At Ginkgo, where nothing is accomplished without the contributions of many volunteers, April is Hardcore Volunteer Appreciation Month.

April is, indeed, the cruelest month in which to volunteer at our urban garden in Chicago. (What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow/ Out of this stony rubbish?) It's usually chilly, even if sunny (which it only is rarely), and the breezes are uncomfortably brisk: frustrating weather when you are sunlight-starved and really, really ready for all of this winter nonsense to be done with.

The 25th was typical--cold, with a light rain. The weather did not deter volunteers from both Chicago Cares and Dreams for Kids from helping us to plant lettuce and flowers, sift compost, and install what we call "anti-bunny fencing" (what everyone else calls "poultry netting" or "chicken wire").