Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gingko: 2011 Chicago Cares Community Partner Star

On the evening of Monday, November 28, a group of us from Gingko dressed up like adults (some of us did not recognize each other) and attended the Chicago Cares Star Awards Gala to receive the 2011 Community Partner Star award.

In its introduction, Chicago cares stated that
Ginkgo Organic Gardens consistently communicates with volunteers about upcoming project dates, other gardens in need of volunteers, and how they can become involved with Vital Bridges, a local food pantry catering to the needs of those living with HIV/AIDS. Their collaboration with Vital Bridges enables volunteers at Ginkgo Organic Gardens to impact the community in a variety of ways. By managing and maintaining a consistent volunteer base every week, their leaders make our volunteers feel welcome and truly appreciated.

And as we're coming to expect, there was a short film: (This has been the year of documentary for Ginkgo.)

Dave Snyder accepted the award for Ginkgo with his usual combination of grace, erudition, and flocculent majesty. The MC stated "when I looked around the room and saw Dave, I knew that he was the garden guy."

Later that evening, I asked where we would install our award.

"In the shed, of course," Dave answered. "Where else?"

So on the following Saturday, before adding leaves to the winter compost bin, I installed our award in an alcove formed by the joists in the wall of the garden shed: above where we hang the shovels, near the first aid kit and the keys to the cover plate of the water main, where we can see it on Saturday afternoons in summer.